orgThe Researcher to Reader Conference is being managed by Mark Carden, a publishing consultant who was Chairman of the Conference Planning Committee for the predecessor ASA Conferences in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Each annual Conference has an Advisory Board, with its membership drawn from senior and experienced people within the scholarly publishing community, potentially including Researchers, Librarians, Publishers, Aggregators, Distributors, Agents, Technologists and Consultants. The Advisory Board oversees the themes and content of the Conference, to ensure that it is relevant to the community and representative of a wide spectrum of opinion.

Members of the Advisory Board serve on an annual basis, concluding in ApriR2R Iconl of each year, but may be invited to continue their contribution for multiple years.  The members receive a free delegate place at the Conference that they have helped to plan.

The Conference is greatly improved through the support that it receives from the members of the Advisory Board.

2017 Advisory Board

  • Sam Bruinsma, Vice-President Business Development, Brill
  • Laura Cox, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Ringgold
  • Mark Carden, Director, Scholarly & Academic Services
  • Bernie Folan, Owner, Bernie Folan Research & Consulting
  • Nawin Gupta, Principal, Informed Publishing Solutions
  • Rob Johnson, Director, Research Consulting
  • Phill Jones, Head of Publisher Outreach, Digital Science
  • Danny Kingsley, Head of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge
  • Arend Küster, Senior Associate, Maverick Publishing Specialists
  • Peter Lawson, International Sales Director, Karger
  • Sid McNeal, Executive Vice President Publisher Relations, EBSCO
  • Anthony Watkinson, Principal Consultant, CIBER Research

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