Past Sponsors

Sponsors of Past Researcher to Reader Conferences

Many of our sponsors return year-after-year, recognising the value that the Researcher to Reader Conference provides for sponsors, and also for the delegates and the whole scholarly communications community. We are also happy to welcome some new sponsors each year. R2R is very grateful for the financial support from all past sponsors. 

Feedback from sponsors of past Researcher to Reader Conferences has included:

“R2R has become a vital date in our sponsorship calendar.”

“Our sponsorship created even more opportunities to connect with attendees.”

“R2R is always a valuable meeting for us.”

“We were especially impressed with how well-run the virtual event was.”



Sponsors of the 2021 Conference

R2R 2021 Sponsors Block


Sponsors of the 2020 Conference


Sponsors of the 2019 Conference

Gold Sponsor:

2019 Gold 

Silver Sponsors:

2019 Silver v02

Bronze Sponsors:

2019 Bronze

Other Sponsors:

2019 Other


Sponsors of the 2018 Conference

Gold Sponsor:


Silver Sponsors:

r2r 2018 silver sponsors

Bronze Sponsors:

r2r 2018 bronze sponsors

Other Sponsors:

r2r 2018 other sponsors

Sponsors of the 2017 Conference

Silver Sponsors:

R2R 2017 Silver

Bronze Sponsors:

R2R 2017 Bronze.png

Other Sponsors:

R2R 2017 Breaks


Sponsors of the 2016 Conference

Silver Sponsor:

Atypon Cyan


Bronze Sponsors:


Other Sponsors:


Founding Sponsors:

Former members of the Association of Subscription Agencies & Intermediaries, who  sponsored Researcher to Reader, which replaced the ASA Conference