The 2018 Researcher to Reader Conference

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BMA House, London

Programme for the 2018 Conference

Including links to Slides and Videorecordings where available

The 2018 Programme covered key topics in the area of scholarly content supply, with a scope that ranged from the creation of content by researchers to the point when the readers access the contact, and beyond into archiving and preservation.  The Programme included Presentations, Panels and Workshops, and the agenda is given below.

The printable 2018 Conference Programme (in PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking HERESlides (in PDF format) from the Conference presentations are available in the links below, and video-recordings (hosted on YouTube) will be available soon.

Monday 26 February 2018

8.30      Registration & Networking

9.30      Welcome and Introduction (slides) (video)

Mark Carden
Managing Consultant, Mosaic Search & Selection

9.40     Opening Keynote

Changing the Culture of Research: It’s Everyone’s Problem (slides(video)

Alison Mudditt
Chief Executive Officer, PLOS

10.20    Workshops: Introduction & First Meeting (video)

Laura Cox
Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Ringgold

Workshop A – Open Science Responsibilities
How might Open Science impact on the roles and responsibilities of the actors in the researcher to reader cycle?

Dr Lesley Thompson, MBE
VP Academic and Government Relations, Elsevier

Workshop B – Resilience Through Diversity
Why do some groups feel less welcome than others in our industry and what steps can we take to make everybody feel welcome?

Dr Phill Jones
Director of Publishing Innovation, Digital Science
Nancy Roberts
Director, Business Inclusivity

Workshop C – Open Data Sharing
How do we increase data sharing without driving researchers crazy?

Dr Fiona Murphy
Associate Fellow, University of Reading
Dr Sarah Callaghan
Senior Research Scientist, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Robert Samors
Coordination Officer, the Belmont Forum

Workshop D – Metadata Lifecycles
Why should researchers and readers care about metadata quality?

Ginny  Hendricks
Director of Member & Community Outreach, Crossref
Dr Ross Mounce
Open Access Grants Manager, Arcadia Fund

Workshop E – Open Access Communications
How can publishers, funders, research organisations and other stakeholders co-operate to communicate with each another and researchers more efficiently?

Valerie McCutcheon
Research Information Manager, University of Glasgow
Catriona MacCallum
Director of Open Science, Hindawi Publishing
Liz Ferguson
Vice President, Publishing Development, Wiley

11.20     Break

11.50     Presentations: Library-based Publishing (video)

What Do They Want Anyway? (slides)
Understanding the needs of scholars in a contemporary publishing environment

Dr Maria Bonn
Senior Lecturer, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Publishing at the LSE (slides)
Academic-led, library-supported publishing at the London School of Economicsand Political Science

Lucy Lambe
Scholarly Communications Officer, LSE

1.00      Lunch

1.50      Panel Discussion

It Depends Where You Work! (video)
Who should manage the scholarly communications processes within each institution?

Dr Danny Kingsley (Chair)
Deputy Director – Scholarly Communication & Research Services, Cambridge University Library
Dr Gareth Cole
Research Data Manager, Loughborough University
Sarah Slowe
Head of the Office for Scholarly Communication, University of Kent
Kirsty Wallis
Research Outputs Manager, University of Greenwich

3.00     Break

3.30      Presentations: Open Access & Open Science in Institutions (video)

From Open Access Dream to Administrative Nightmare (slides)
The ever-increasing burden of open access policy on libraries and researchers

Dr Elizabeth Gadd
Research Policy Manager, Loughborough University
Yvonne Budden
Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Warwick

The Empires of the Future are the Empires of the Mind (slides)
Defining the role of libraries in the Open Science landscape

Dr Paul Ayris
Pro-Vice-Provost, UCL Library Services
Dr Tiberius Ignat
Director, Scientific Knowledge Services

4:40     Workshops: Second Meeting

5.30      Drinks Reception

Tuesday 27 February 2018

8.30      Registration & Networking

9.30      Panel Discussion

Constants in a Changing World (video – not available)
How learned societies can survive and thrive in an open future

Rob Johnson (Chair)
Founder and Director, Research Consulting
Dr Catherine Cotton
CEO, Federation of European Microbiological Societies
Sally Hardy
Chief Executive, Regional Studies Association
Dr Caroline Sutton
Director of Editorial Development, Taylor & Francis

10.30    Workshops: Third Meeting

11.20     Break

11.50     Presentations: Open Access Books & Journals (video)

Open Access Books in the Wild (slides)
How open access affects usage and reception of scholarly books

Ros Pyne
Head of Policy & Development, Springer Nature

Adoption of Open Access Mega-journals (slides)
The disciplinary community perspective

Dr Jenny Fry
Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University

1.00      Lunch

1.50      Presentation: Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (video)

Data Science and AI at the Scholarly Communications Frontier (slides)
Understanding content, workflow and impact, to inform publishing and editorial decision-making

John Sack
Founding Director, HighWire Press

2.20      Workshop Feedback (video)

3.00     Break

3.30     Conference Summary (slides) (video)

Mark Carden
Managing Consultant, Mosaic Search & Selection

3.45      Closing Keynote

Aligning Library Services with Researcher Needs (slides) (video)

Dr Susan Gibbons
University Librarian & Deputy Provost, Yale University

4.30      End of Conference


Sponsors for the 2018 Conference

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Registration for the 2018 Conference

Registration for the 2018 Conference opened in mid October 2017, with a heavily discounted Super Early-Bird rate until the end of that month.  The Early-bird rate ran throughout November. 

By the end of November the event had over 60% of the total 2016 & 2017 registration levels; for the 2017 event, this level of registrations was only achieved by late January.

Special rates were available for Returning Delegates who attended the R2R Conference in 2016 or 2017 or the ASA Conference in 2014 or 2015. Discounted prices were also be offered to Librarians and Academics. Conference Sponsors also benefited from free or discounted places, depending on the sponsorship package selected.

The 2018 complete tariff shown further down this page.

Full Tariff

The complete list of all ticket prices for the 2018 Conference is shown below.

Regular Delegate (Both days) Super Early-bird Rate (REG-B-ES) £ 300
Returning Delegate (Both days) Super Early-bird Rate (RET-B-ES) £ 240
Librarian or Academic (Both days) Super Early-bird Rate (LOA-B-ES) £ 155
Sponsor Discounted (Both days) Super Early-bird Rate (SPN-B-ES) £ 240
EARLY-BIRD – November  
Regular Delegate (Both days) Early-bird Rate (REG-B-EB) £ 360
Regular Delegate (1st day only) Early-bird Rate (REG-1-EB) £ 260
Regular Delegate (2nd day only) Early-bird Rate (REG-2-EB) £ 240
Returning Delegate (Both days) Early-bird Rate (RET-B-EB) £ 290
Returning Delegate (1st day only) Early-bird Rate (RET-1-EB) £ 210
Returning Delegate (2nd day only) Early-bird Rate (RET-2-EB) £ 185
Librarian or Academic (Both days) Early-bird Rate (LOA-B-EB) £ 185
Librarian or Academic (1st day only) Early-bird Rate (LOA-1-EB) £ 130
Librarian or Academic (2nd day only) Early-bird Rate (LOA-2-EB) £ 120
Sponsor Discounted (Both days) Early-bird Rate (SPN-B-EB) £ 290
Sponsor Discounted (1st day only) Early-bird Rate (SPN-1-EB) £ 210
Sponsor Discounted (2nd day only) Early-bird Rate (SPN-2-EB) £ 185
STANDARD – December, January & February  
Regular Delegate (Both days) Standard Rate (REG-B-ST) £ 450
Regular Delegate (1st day only) Standard Rate (REG-1-ST) £ 330
Regular Delegate (2nd day only) Standard Rate (REG-2-ST) £ 300
Returning Delegate (Both days) Standard Rate (RET-B-ST) £ 360
Returning Delegate (1st day only) Standard Rate (RET-1-ST) £ 260
Returning Delegate (2nd day only) Standard Rate (RET-2-ST) £ 230
Librarian or Academic (Both days) Standard Rate (LOA-B-ST) £ 230
Librarian or Academic (1st day only) Standard Rate (LOA-1-ST) £ 165
Librarian or Academic (2nd day only) Standard Rate (LOA-2-ST) £ 150
Sponsor Discounted (Both days) Standard Rate (SPN-B-ST) £ 360
Sponsor Discounted (1st day only) Standard Rate (SPN-1-ST) £ 260
Sponsor Discounted (2nd day only) Standard Rate (SPN-2-ST) £ 235

Hotel Accommodation

Accommodation was not included in the Conference registration fee, and needed to be booked independently by delegates for themselves. There was no recommended

Conference Hotel, although for the 2017 event many delegates chose to stay at the Hilton Euston, which is nearby. Hotels which have received generally positive reviews from our delegates include: Bloomsbury Town House, Megaro, Thistle Euston and Hilton Euston.