Conference Venue


The 2022 R2R Conference is planned to be a hybrid event with a physical venue at BMA House in Central London and an online venue provided by an suitable software and high-quality audio-visual facilities.

BMA House has been accredited by Visit Britain and the Meetings Industry Association as a ‘covid-conscious’ venue, and there are a range of measures that they are able to implement. We are providing all registered delegates with full details of the precautions that we will be taking, a few days before the Conference start date. The current protocols for BMA House are shown below, but these may change as regulations and circumstances allow.

  • Requiring evidence of a recent negative Lateral Flow test.
  • Mask-wearing when moving around the building, but optional in meeting rooms.
  • Reduced maximum room capacities, and social distancing in rooms and common areas.
  • Extra ventilation in rooms.
  • Encouragement to use outside spaces for breaks.
  • Hand sanitiser stations available for use in every room.
  • Ready availability of wipes for surfaces and equipment.
  • Individually-served catering with no sharing cutlery or finger food.
  • Continuous deep cleaning and sanitation of the venue especially in high touch point areas

A COVID-19 awareness and requirements document for the Conference is available to download here.

For people unfamiliar with UK testing requirements, The lateral flow test is a simple swab of your nose and takes 15-30 minutes to get the result. The kit looks like this:

lat flow

It should be possible to get a test kit (probably a pack of 5 or 7) from almost any UK pharmacy, probably for free. You may need a ‘collect code’, which takes a couple of minutes to get online, but may not be accessible to people outside the UK. Alternatively, you can have the test done to you, fairly inexpensively.

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