R2R Call for Papers is Open

The Call for Papers for the Researcher to Reader Conference on 21-22 February 2023 is now open. The R2R Advisory Board is welcoming proposals for workshops, panels, interviews, presentations, debates and lightning talks on the subject of international scholarly communications. Proposals for our highly popular workshops are especially welcome.

We are particularly encouraging proposals from researchers, editors, funders and librarians, and from people based outside the UK. We are also strong supporters of diversity and inclusion, and actively welcome proposals from under-represented demographics. As R2R is planned to be a hybrid event, we anticipate that both speakers and delegates will be able to participate either remotely or at the London venue.

Our Conference participants are interested in the interactions between the various parts of the scholarly communications supply chain, and how different people and organisations can work together more effectively. The Conference particularly values topics that are of broad interest across the diverse range of people and organisations that participate in scholarly communication, rather than subjects that focus on one particular silo. We also prefer sessions that are practical, analytical, informative or supported by evidence – we are interested in facilitating what could be done, rather than merely declaring what should be done.

Members of the scholarly communications community are invited to provide a proposal by 15 September 2022, using the form downloadable from the Conference website, where further details of the event are provided. Please contact the Conference Director if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential proposal.

Mark Carden
27 July 2022

Morressier Becomes R2R Silver Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Morressier has become our fourth and final Silver Sponsor for the Researcher to Reader Conference on 22-23 February 2022.

Morressier is the leading platform for conferences designed for enduring value. Since 2014, more than 200 of the world’s leading professional and scientific organizations trust Morressier to support their virtual and hybrid meetings, engage their users, and amplify their content.

We are very grateful for the support of Morressier, helping to keep the R2R Conference affordable for all members of the scholarly communications community.

Registration is open for the highly interactive hybrid Conference which will take place on 22-23 February in London and Online.

Mark Carden
11 February 2022

Defend&Publish Sponsors R2R

We are very pleased to announce a new sponsor for the Researcher to Reader Conference, as Defend&Publish becomes a first-time Bronze Sponsor.

Defend&Publish is a boutique coaching firm staffed by PhD-trained writing specialists. They support all aspects of researching and writing academic scholarship, including project management, editing and hosting workshops by the publishing community. Christine Tulley PhD, a past speaker at Researcher to Reader, is the owner of Defend&Publish and a Professor of English at The University of Findlay.

We are very grateful for the support of Defend&Publish, helping to keep the R2R Conference affordable for all members of the scholarly communications community.

Registration is open for the highly interactive hybrid Conference which will take place on 22-23 February in London and Online.

Mark Carden
8 February 2022

R2R Programme Includes an Intermediation Presentation

The Programme for the collaborative hybrid Researcher to Reader Conference, taking place on 22-23 February, will include a presentation on intermediation between the Researcher and the Reader, by a publishing professional who will be bring insights from also working in the food delivery and travel industries. What can publishers and librarians learn from JustEat and Secret Escapes?

Disruption and Innovation Lessons from the Outside World
How organisations outside the scholarly communication sector create and survive changes in intermediary technologies, processes and business models

Brian Bishop - Vice President for Digital Transformation at De Gruyter
Drawing on his senior executive experience at JustEat and Secret Escapes, the speaker will explore changes in intermediation in the food and travel industries, and discuss both how initiators of change have behaved and how the affected organisations have responded. Having also worked at Springer and deGruyter, he will be able to show how these changes have useful parallels in the scholarly communications ecosystem, and how funders, publishers, libraries and other intermediaries between researchers and readers might seek out and implement new approaches.

Registration is still open for this innovative event, with a varied and cross-sectoral Programme, which includes hybrid networking, panels, workshops, presentations, lightning talks and a debate.

Mark Carden
26 January 2022

Prize Draw for Free Place at R2R

The Researcher to Reader media partner, Research Information, is offering a free place, valued at £235, for a librarian or researcher to participate in the fully-hybrid R2R Conference on 22-23 February. The winner of the Research Information ticket can participate in the Conference either online or physically at the venue, and the free place will be drawn on Monday 7 February. For more information, visit the Research Information announcement:

The Researcher to Reader Conference, which is a conversation about scholarly communications, is a particularly attractive event for academics and librarians to join, given the event’s research-focussed name, cross-sectoral programme and collaborative ethos.

While this is a great chance for someone to win a free place at the Conference, this should not discourage people from registering for the Conference today, taking immediate advantage of the great discounts available for librarians and researchers. If you register now, but are then lucky enough to win the draw, R2R will be delighted to refund what you have paid!

Mark Carden
21 January 2022

Aries Returns as R2R 2022 Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Aries has renewed their sponsorship of the Researcher to Reader Conference for the hybrid event taking place in London and Online on 22-23 February 2022.

Aries Systems Corporation, the developer of Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager, is committed to enhancing how publishers and scholars disseminate knowledge on a global scale. Aries’ cloud-based workflow solutions enable the submission, peer review, and content management of high-value documents, and are used by thousands of journals and hundreds of publishers worldwide.

We are grateful for the continuing support from Aries – our sponsors help to make the Conference affordable for all members of the scholarly communications community.

Registration is open for the Conference, which is a fully-hybrid event allowing live participation for both physical and online delegates. And the full Programme is available on the website.

Mark Carden
20 January 2022

Ringgold Returns as R2R Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Ringgold is returning once again as a sponsor of the Researcher to Reader Conference for 2022. Ringgold was R2R‘s first ever sponsor, and they have supported every single Conference since our opening event in 2016.

Ringgold maintains a global, multi-sector database of organizations complete with relationship hierarchies, multiple standard identifiers, and deep metadata that allows anyone with a need for trustworthy information to simplify, understand, and navigate the complex world of research and scholarly publishing.

We are very grateful for Ringgold’s support, helping to keep the R2R Conference affordable for all members of the scholarly communications community.

Registration is open for the highly interactive hybrid Conference which will take place on 22-23 February in London and Online.

Mark Carden
13 January 2022

R2R Continues Hybrid Plans

The Researcher to Reader Conference has announced that it is continuing to plan on the basis of offering a hybrid event on 22-23 February 2022, at the London venue and online everywhere. Despite rising Covid infection rates in The UK, the event organisers are optimistic that the current wave could be declining by February, and so are continuing to plan to offer the option of having both physical and online participants at the highly-interactive and collaborative 2022 Conference.  

Around this time last year, R2R announced that the planned hybrid 2021 Conference would be switching to a fully online format, in response to rapidly rising infections and hospitalisations. While it was disappointing for the R2R community not to be able to meet in person, the online Conference was very successful, with 100% of survey respondents saying that the event was Relevant them professionally, and 98% saying it was Valuable use of time. The online R2R was still a highly interactive and collaborative conference, not a broadcast webinar like some events, and participants volunteered that:

“the degree of interactivity was truly surprising”

“the production was very professional

“the platforms really helped, and were easy to use”

“this was by far the best conference experience since COVID-19”

The 2022 Conference has been planned from the start to be a hybrid event, aiming to offer the same high-quality experience, and same value to both physical and online participants. Because the event is agnostic about how participants will attend, with a common tariff for online or physical attendance, and a real focus on interactivity for all participants, R2R is able to be confident of delivering a good Conference whatever the pandemic situation is at the time. All registered delegates will be free to choose whether to come to the London venue or not (subject to the prevailing regulations). The event is also helped greatly by the support of the long-term venue, BMA House in Central London. Firstly, the British Medical Association is, of course, providing us with excellent guidance on how to make both the venue and the delegate experience ‘covid conscious‘, and R2R will be following their direction to keep people as safe as possible.  In addition, the venue has been extremely flexible regarding the specific scale and terms of the Conference booking, which allows R2R’s organisers to continue to offer flexibility and choice to the delegates, even at this late stage.

R2R remains very conscious of the continuing pandemic, the recent increase in infections, and the threat that covid still represents for many people. While very optimistic about the possibility of being able to welcome participants to the venue, with appropriate precautions, R2R also recognises that many people may wish to choose the online option, and the Conference aims to continue to offer a hybrid choice.

Registration continues to be open for the Conference, and the Programme is available on the website.

Mark Carden
7 January 2022