Highest Ever Registrations for R2R

The 2023 Researcher to Reader Conference has received its highest ever level of end-of-November registrations, just beating the previous record from 2019. A late rush of registrations on 29 and 30 November, at the end of the ‘early-bird’ discount period, pushed the total beyond previous records. Factors driving this growth are likely to include: renewed post-pandemic enthusiasm for meetings, trust in the successful R2R hybrid model, and an exceptional programme of sessions for the event on 21-22 February 2023.

Although registrations are now expected to slow during December and over the holidays, there is no reason for people to delay their registrations until the last minute, as a full refund is available until the end of January. People can register via the website. The full Conference Programme, with session and speaker details, is also available on the Conference website.

Mark Carden
1 December 2022

R2R Registrations Rates Accelerate

Registrations for the 2023 Researcher to Reader Conference are accelerating beyond even pre-pandemic levels, as the last opportunity for ‘early-bird’ discounts is reached, today. Participants are registering at levels well above the pandemic years of 2021 and 2022, and even exceeding pre-pandemic 2020 rates, demonstrating confidence in R2R’s exceptionally engrossing programme and highly-effective hybrid delivery.

Registrations are currently approaching R2R’s biggest years of 2018 and 2019, as delegates take advantage of generous ‘early-bird’ registration rates, which continue only until the end of November.

People can register via the website now, to take advantage of the November ‘early-bird’ rates. The full Conference Programme, with session and speaker details, is available on the Conference website.

Mark Carden
30 November 2022

R2R Early-bird Closing Soon

The ‘early-bird’ registration discount for the 2023 Researcher to Reader Conference is closing at the end of November, so it makes sense to register in the next couple of days, even for people who are not yet sure they want to participate, as securing the discount is totally risk-free; registered delegates can cancel for a full refund anytime until the end of January.

The Programme has already been announced, but we can now name all four of the debaters: Steven Heffner (IEEE), Catriona MacCallum (Hindawi), Dr Malvika Sharan (Alan Turing Institute) and Dr Karin Wulf (Brown University). We can also announce an additional panel, discussing the new ways that societies are leveraging scholarly meetings to generate revenue and extend their mission.

Details of our workshop choices will be announced soon, but the topics to be explored are likely to be:

  • Improving communication of SDG-related research to policymakers
  • Supporting authors with open access books requirements
  • Furthering open research through better understanding of funder mandates
  • Supporting spokespeople and allies in diversity, equity, inclusion and access
  • Developing integrity tools and training to support researchers

The full Conference Programme, with session and speaker details, is available on the Conference website.

We are currently evaluating and signing up our online platform and our AV team, to make sure that the meeting is not just crammed with interesting content, but also offers a top-quality, fully-live and highly interactive experience for both online and physical participants, as usual.

People can register via the website now, to take advantage of the November ‘early-bird’ rates.

Mark Carden
28 November 2022

R2R Programme Announced

The Programme for the 2023 hybrid Researcher to Reader Conference has now been announced, and is given in full on the Conference website.

The Programme will include the usual mix of panel discussions, presentations with Q&A, workshops and debating. There will also be generous breaks for conversation, with optional lightning talks. All delivered in a fully-live, highly-inclusive hybrid format.

Topics on the programme include:

● Inclusivity and Diversity

● The Value of OA Agreements

● Open Science Innovation

● The Future of OA Funding

● Data-Driven Decision-Making

● Higher Education Metrics

● Improving Sustainability

● OA Requirements for Books

● Research Integrity Tools

● Preservation of Scholarship

…and more

Speakers, panellists and debaters include:

● Prof. Ben Davis (Rosalind Franklin Institute)

● Dr Richard Gallagher (Annual Reviews)

● Sybille Geisenheyner (ACS)

● Christopher Kenneally (CCC)

● Dr Robert Kiley (CoalitionS)

● Jayne Marks (Maverick)

● Stephen Marks (University of Toronto)

● Valerie McCutcheon (Glasgow University)

● Tasha Mellins-Cohen (COUNTER)

● Robyn Price (Imperial College)

● Ros Pyne (Bloomsbury)

● Dr Malvika Sharan (Alan Turing Institute)

● Dr Florence Theberge (Emerald Publishing)

● Mat Willmott (California Digital Library)

● Alicia Wise (CLOCKSS)

● Jo Wixon (Wiley)

● Laura Wong (Jisc)

● Dr Karin Wulf (Brown University)

…and more

The full Conference Programme, with session and speaker details, is on the R2R website.

Mark Carden
16 November 2022

R2R 2023 Announced

The Valuable and Relevant* R2R Conference will be in a hybrid format again for 2023, bringing physical and online participants together in a live and highly-interactive meeting on 21-22 February, in London and everywhere.

The programme development for the Conference is almost complete, and more details will be announced over the coming weeks, but the Conference is likely to include:

Workshops on:

  • Open Access Books
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Open Research
  • Diversity & Inclusion

and more

Presentations and Panels on:

  • Open Access Funding Mandates
  • Preservation of Scholarship
  • Inclusivity in Academia & Publishing
  • OA Agreement Metrics
  • Data-driven Decision-Making

and more

plus our famous Debate, numerous Lightning Talks, and plenty of time for conversation (both at the physical venue and online) with colleagues & community.

Presenters and moderators will include:

  • Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Robert Kiley, Valerie McCutcheon,
    Alicia Wise, Sybille Geisenheyner, Simon Inger, Lou Peck,
    Chris Kenneally, Florence Theberge, Yaz Osho, Rick Anderson

and many more.

Our 2021 & 2022 Gold Sponsor, the Royal Society of Chemistry, has signed up to return for 2023, and we are very grateful for their enthusiastic support for the event.

Registration is now open, with early-bird rates throughout October & November and generous discounts for academics & librarians.  Register today, risk free, as we offer a 100% refund option until the end of January.  Go to the Registration Page today.  If you are not yet ready to register, make sure to put the dates in your schedule, so you don’t miss out.

Mark Carden
17 October 2022

*from 2018 to 2022, an average of 98% of delegates rated the R2R Conference Relevant and Valuable

R2R Call for Papers is Open

The Call for Papers for the Researcher to Reader Conference on 21-22 February 2023 is now open. The R2R Advisory Board is welcoming proposals for workshops, panels, interviews, presentations, debates and lightning talks on the subject of international scholarly communications. Proposals for our highly popular workshops are especially welcome.

We are particularly encouraging proposals from researchers, editors, funders and librarians, and from people based outside the UK. We are also strong supporters of diversity and inclusion, and actively welcome proposals from under-represented demographics. As R2R is planned to be a hybrid event, we anticipate that both speakers and delegates will be able to participate either remotely or at the London venue.

Our Conference participants are interested in the interactions between the various parts of the scholarly communications supply chain, and how different people and organisations can work together more effectively. The Conference particularly values topics that are of broad interest across the diverse range of people and organisations that participate in scholarly communication, rather than subjects that focus on one particular silo. We also prefer sessions that are practical, analytical, informative or supported by evidence – we are interested in facilitating what could be done, rather than merely declaring what should be done.

Members of the scholarly communications community are invited to provide a proposal by 15 September 2022, using the form downloadable from the Conference website, where further details of the event are provided. Please contact the Conference Director if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential proposal.

Mark Carden
27 July 2022

Morressier Becomes R2R Silver Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Morressier has become our fourth and final Silver Sponsor for the Researcher to Reader Conference on 22-23 February 2022.

Morressier is the leading platform for conferences designed for enduring value. Since 2014, more than 200 of the world’s leading professional and scientific organizations trust Morressier to support their virtual and hybrid meetings, engage their users, and amplify their content.

We are very grateful for the support of Morressier, helping to keep the R2R Conference affordable for all members of the scholarly communications community.

Registration is open for the highly interactive hybrid Conference which will take place on 22-23 February in London and Online.

Mark Carden
11 February 2022

Defend&Publish Sponsors R2R

We are very pleased to announce a new sponsor for the Researcher to Reader Conference, as Defend&Publish becomes a first-time Bronze Sponsor.

Defend&Publish is a boutique coaching firm staffed by PhD-trained writing specialists. They support all aspects of researching and writing academic scholarship, including project management, editing and hosting workshops by the publishing community. Christine Tulley PhD, a past speaker at Researcher to Reader, is the owner of Defend&Publish and a Professor of English at The University of Findlay.

We are very grateful for the support of Defend&Publish, helping to keep the R2R Conference affordable for all members of the scholarly communications community.

Registration is open for the highly interactive hybrid Conference which will take place on 22-23 February in London and Online.

Mark Carden
8 February 2022