R2R Lifecycle2017 Programme and Video-Recordings

The 2017 Conference took take place on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February 2017.

The Programme covered key topics in the area of scholarly content supply, with a scope that ranged from the creation of content by researchers to the point when the readers access the contact, and beyond into archiving and preservation.  The  Programme included Presentations, Panels and Workshops, and the agenda is given below.

Video-recordings of the conference presentations and panels are available here:

Conference Programme

Monday 20 February 2017

9.00     Registration & Networking

9.30      Welcome and Introduction

9.45      Opening Keynote
              Mark Allin – President & CEO, John Wiley & Sons

10.25    Workshops – First Meeting

Workshop A – Outsourcing Challenges
Which aspects of the scholarly communications process can be outsourced, how can risks be mitigated and how can outsourcing be most effectively managed?
Lorraine Ellery Matthews – Proprietor, Ellery Matthews Consulting
Helen King- Digital Strategy Lead at BMJ

Workshop B – Alternative Research Output
How can journal publishers address the challenge of alternative forms of research output, such as prototypes, software, samples and large datasets?
Felix Evert – Managing Director, Sample of Science
Rob Johnson – Director, Research Consulting

Workshop C – Global Research Collaboration
In the current and evolving international political landscape, what are the major challenges for researchers, including those working transnationally, and what is the role of funders, publishers and learned societies?
Richard Fisher – Something Understood Scholarly Communication
Tom Lickiss – Senior Research Consultant, ÜberResearch

Workshop D – Which Standards Matter and Why
How can research libraries, publishers and their intermediaries co-operate to solve some of the ‘pain points’ in rapidly evolving scholarly communications processes?
Anna Clements – Assistant Director Library Services, University of St Andrews
Valerie McCutcheon – Research Information Manager, University of Glasgow

Workshop E – Understanding and Communicating Quality
How do we assess the quality of any component of scholarly communication, whether a publisher, journal, article, author, institution or funder?
Mike Taylor – Head of Metrics Development, Digital Science
Dr Phill Jones – Director of Publishing Innovation, Digital Science

11.20     Break

11.50     Presentations: Intermediaries & Subscriptions

The Forbidden Forecast
Thinking about open access and library subscriptions
Rick Anderson – Associate Dean, University of Utah and President of SSP

Getting Books to Readers
Why is the Supply Chain so Complex?
Dr Michael Jubb – Independent Consultant
Richard Fisher – Something Understood Scholarly Communication

1.00      Lunch

1.50      Panel Discussion

It’s not easy being Green
Expanding access via collaboration between institutional repositories, publishers, and funders
Dr Alicia Wise (chair) – Director of Access & Policy, Elsevier
Judith Russell – Dean of Libraries, University of Florida
Ginger Strader – Smithsonian Institution
Professor Syun Tutiya – Librarian Emeritus at Chiba University
Dr Susan King – Chair, CHORUS and Executive Director, Rockefeller University Press

3.00     Break

3.30      Presentations: Metrics and Discovery

Zen and the Art of Research Assessment
The principles and practicalities of moving to open science
Professor Stephen Curry – Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College London

Stop, Collaborate and Listen!
Demystifying research behaviours and improving the library user experience
Graham Walton – Honorary Research Fellow, Loughborough University
Laura Montgomery – Communications Manager, Library Relations, Taylor and Francis

4.40     Workshops – Second Meeting

5.30      Drinks Reception

Tuesday 21 February 2016

9.00     Registration & Networking

9.30      Panel Discussion

Friends, Foes or Frenemies?
Copyright and scholarly communication in a rapidly-changing world
Rick Anderson (chair) – Associate Dean, University of Utah and President of SSP
Dr Robert Harington – Associate Executive Director, American Mathematical Society
Dr Danny Kingsley – Head of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge
Mark Thorley – Head of Science Information, Natural Environment Research Council (formerly Chair of the RCUK Research Outputs Network)
Alexander Ross – Partner, Wiggin LLP

10.30    Workshops – Third Meeting

11.20     Break

11.50     Presentations: Publishing & Access

The Publishing Cookbook
Discover the 98 ingredients in the publishing recipe, and how to cook up better results in communicating research
Kent  Anderson – CEO, Redlink and Founder, The Scholarly Kitchen

Access Management for the 21st Century
Delivering seamless authentication, authorization and entitlement systems for scholarly communications
Tasha Mellins-Cohen – Director of Product Development, HighWire Press

1.00      Lunch

1.50      Presentations: Discovery & Usage

Nature or Nurture?
7 Things Every Publisher Should Know About Marketing Content
Jacob Wilcock – Director of Publishing and Business Development, Atypon

The Rise of the User
Jan Reichelt – Co-founder, Mendeley

3.00     Break

3.30      Workshop Feedback

4.10      Summary & Closing

4.30      End of Conference


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