R2R Workshop at Scholarly Kitchen

cropped-r2r-icon-01-hi-png.pngOne of the workshops at the recent Researcher to Reader Conference has been written up by Andrea Powell of Research4Life on the Scholarly Kitchen blog. In the blog post, Powell described the question being addressed during the series of three workshop meetings that took place during the 2019 R2R:

  • How can the global scholarly communications community address economic and infrastructure imbalances that prevent researchers from the Global South from achieving equality?”

and concludes that “The workshops generated a great deal of engagement and ideas, with some highly practical and achievable recommendations for further action. “

The highly interactive workshops that form an integral part of the two-day Researcher to Reader programme are very popular, and it is great to see practical actions following on from the inter-disciplinary conversations that take place.

Visit Scholarly Kitchen to read the full account.

Mark Carden
6 March 2019