R2R Debate Teams Announced

DebateFollowing the success of the Researcher to Reader SciHub debate in 2019, the Conference is hosting another debate as part of the 2020 Programme, on Monday 24 February.

This time, the debate is on the subject of Journal Brands and Impact Measures. Teams of debaters will be arguing for and against the controversial proposition:

“The venue of its publication tells us nothing useful about the quality of a paper”.

Speaking for the proposition will be:

  • Dr Mike Taylor, who is a Research Associate at the University of Bristol and a Software Guy at Index Data
  • Toby Green, who is Managing Director at Coherent Digital and Former Head of Publishing at the OECD

Speaking against will be:

  • Pippa Smart, who is a Publishing Consultant, Editor-in-Chief of Learned Publishing and President of the European Association Of Science Editors
  • Dr Niall Boyce, who is Editor of The Lancet Psychiatry and a PhD researcher at Birkbeck

This vigorous clash of ideas will be moderated by Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Collections & Scholarly Communication at the University of Utah’s Marriott Library.

There is still time to register to attend Researcher to Reader and witness what will certainly be an informative and invigorating debate.

Mark Carden
21 January 2020