R2R Interviewed about 2021

The Geyser LogoResearcher to Reader Conference Chairman, Mark Carden, has been interviewed by Kent Anderson of The Geyser about how the Conference just missed the COVID-19 lock-down in 2020, and what the plans are for the 2021 Conference.

“We were extraordinarily lucky with the timing of R2R in 2020. During the Conference, there was almost no mention of the virus or suggestion that people might have had doubts about gathering for the event. Yet only one week later, the London Book Fair was cancelled.”

The interview reports that plans are being formulated for R2R in February 2021, but it might be a ‘hybrid conference’.

“We do have to consider the possibility that the whole event cannot take place physically, or that some people will be unwilling or unable to attend in person. So we are making ‘hybrid conference’ plans, aiming for a physical event, but planning an online offering as well. The online offering may turn out to be a replacement for the physical event, or just persist as an alternative way to participate, depending on how things turn out.”

Read the interview in full at The Geyser here:

Mark Carden
13 May 2020