Dr Dasapta Erwin Irawan Joins R2R Board

We are delighted to announce that Dr Dasapta Erwin Irawan has joined the Advisory Board for the 2022 Researcher to Reader Conference.

Dr Irawan is assistant professor in hydrogeology at the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology at the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. His research focus is on translating hydrochemical data to understand underlying hydrogeological systems. He is also an active participant in promotion of the open science movement and the importance of effective science communication to Indonesia’s research ecosystem. In 2017 he created INArxiv, with colleagues, as the first preprint server of Indonesia with the support of the Center for Open Science. Then, in a collaboration with Indonesia Science Institute and Indonesia Open Science Team, he also led the initiation of RINarxiv. He serves as a member of the advisory board for ON-MERRIT and is a team member of AsapBio.

We welcome Dasapta to the R2R 2022 Board, where his experience in the international research community, and support for the Open Access movement will be a great asset to the Conference.

Mark Carden
16 November 2021