R2R Programme Includes a Hybrid Workplace Panel

The Programme for the collaborative hybrid Researcher to Reader Conference, taking place on 22-23 February will include a panel of distinguished international experts discussing the hybrid workplace.

The Next Disruption
Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace
For many, the switch to remote work in spring 2020 happened almost overnight; but now, as we gradually return, we have an opportunity to take a more proactive approach. Rather than simply shifting operations “back to normal”, what can we leverage from our recent experiences to plan intentionally for a remote/hybrid workforce future? Our organizations will need to consider both policies and practices: What’s the right mix of remote for your organization? How can you maintain a strong culture? What training is needed? How can you foster a healthy remote climate? How can you engage employees?

Registration is still open for this innovative event.

Mark Carden
25 January 2022