R2R Programme Includes an Intermediation Presentation

The Programme for the collaborative hybrid Researcher to Reader Conference, taking place on 22-23 February, will include a presentation on intermediation between the Researcher and the Reader, by a publishing professional who will be bring insights from also working in the food delivery and travel industries. What can publishers and librarians learn from JustEat and Secret Escapes?

Disruption and Innovation Lessons from the Outside World
How organisations outside the scholarly communication sector create and survive changes in intermediary technologies, processes and business models

Brian Bishop - Vice President for Digital Transformation at De Gruyter
Drawing on his senior executive experience at JustEat and Secret Escapes, the speaker will explore changes in intermediation in the food and travel industries, and discuss both how initiators of change have behaved and how the affected organisations have responded. Having also worked at Springer and deGruyter, he will be able to show how these changes have useful parallels in the scholarly communications ecosystem, and how funders, publishers, libraries and other intermediaries between researchers and readers might seek out and implement new approaches.

Registration is still open for this innovative event, with a varied and cross-sectoral Programme, which includes hybrid networking, panels, workshops, presentations, lightning talks and a debate.

Mark Carden
26 January 2022